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We are pleased to be able to stock a wide range of Welsh Gins.


Cardiff Dry Gin

A Unique Dry Gin: 37.5%ABV. A new style of Gin chosen by the people of South Wales. Rich herbal notes of Rosemary, Fennel, Sorrel and Liquorice, together with citrus notes from the Lemongrass and Verbena. Perhaps the new aperitif gin of the world?


Limbeck Aged Gin

New Western Style Gin: 45% ABV. A gorgeously heady mix of Blue Ginger and citrus with Tarragon, Seville orange and Orris. Rested in recycled Burgundy French Oak Casks to develop a smooth texture. The oak casks leave a subtle peach colour, which will vary subtly with each batch, That’s craft!!!

Madame Geneva London Gin

London Dry: 42% ABV. A London Dry as it should be. Simple, dry and Juniper forward with Citrus and a hint of Liquorice and some subtle floral and sweet characters added by the sacred duo “meadowsweet and wild sunflower”

Young Tom Sweet Gin

Fresh Juniper Malt gin: 46% ABV. Fermented from IPA wash and refined to a clean aromatic distillate. Naturally sweetened & vapour infused then rested. A sweet and floral style of gin with Fennel, Wild Sunflower root and Star Anise seeds. Rested for 6 weeks to develop its flavours.

Dewi Sant

London Dry Gin: 40% – Very Smooth, uncomplicated sharp refreshing London Dry Gin with a subtle hints of citrus and classic Dry Gin notes.

Violet Gin

Based on a London Dry Gin: 40% – A simple gin with the subtle colour and flavour of violet flowers. Smooth flavour with some sweetness associated with violet.


Penderyn Brecon Gin

This is a fine quality distilled gin using botanicals from the four corners of the world and bottled at Penderyn Distillery married with water from the Brecon Beacons National Park.

Penderyn Botanicals Gin

Made from Penderyn’s own recipe, combining a specially selected range of botanicals and the best pure grain spirit, this super-premium gin is produced in small batches using only the finest ingredients. 43% abv

Cwm Deri Sloe Gin

Cwm Deri’s own blend of gin is combined with citrus fruits and juicy sloes to produce this beautiful dry classic liqueur. Enjoy after a meal or in your hip flask!

ABV – 26%
Vol – 50cl

Cwm Deri Elderflower Gin

The heady scent of Summer Elderflowers dominate this beautiful new medium-sweet gin liqueur. Enjoy on it’s own over ice or as a deliciously different G&T!

ABV – 26%
Vol – 50cl


Cwm Deri Blackcurrant Gin

Cwm Deri’s own blend of gin is combined with beautiful Blackcurrants to produce this beautiful dry classic liqueur. Enjoy after a meal or in your hip flask!

ABV – 26%
Vol – 50cl


Condessa Sloe Gin

Seasonal fruit and pure Celtic spirit infuses to create a warming drink to look forward to after a country walk, ride or simply a cwtch by a crackling log fire.

This cariad of seasonal dark-red fruity smells and steeped flavours makes a delicious sloe G&T, indulgent long drink in fizz or simply on its own.


Da Mhile Botanical Gin

This artisan farmhouse gin is made with 18 botanicals. The nose is subtle fresh rose petals, then spice and a hint of juniper. The initial palate is floral with bitter, fresh notes of dandelion and peppery cloves. The texture is silky, exuding a superb botanical mouth-feel finished by intense juniper tones and peppermint cool. 42%ABV


Da Mhile Seaweed Gin

Launched on the 1st of March 2014 (St David’s Day) Da Mhile Seaweed Gin is made with a hand selected variant of botanicals added to our small batch gin. Designed to complement seafood it is infused with handpicked seaweed from the Celtic coast for three weeks, giving it a lovely light green hue before being triple filtered and bottled.

Da Mhile Sloe Gin

This adaptation of the traditional Sloe Gin has a sweet fruity body and its ‘Christmas’ themed gin base which includes nutmeg, cinnamon & cloves, gives a delightful warming sensation.

Lighter than most commercial Sloe Gins, this organic product does not contain any additional colourants, flavourings or preservatives.


Da Mhile Oak-Aged Gin

Aged in single grain whisky barrels, our organic Oak-Aged Gin has a light golden colour. Subtle juniper, fresh herb and spice flavours make for an exciting fusion with the sweet grain whisky tones. Definitely a gin to be sipped with ice.


Gwyr Gin

The aim of the Gower Gin Company is to make small batch craft gin which encapsulates the freshness of the sea and the aromas of the coast and dunes that surround us.


Pollination Gin

Pollination gin is produced by the highest standard London Dry method, in extremely limited small batches, using pure grain spirit and locally drawn spring water. Foraged botanicals come from within the Biosphere: from the Snowdonia foothills, through the Dyfi Forest, and down to the estuary marshlands. On a canvas of carefully selected classic gin botanicals are painted the flavours only Dyfi can combine, including wild flowers, aromatic leaves, fruits and conifer tips. 45% alcohol by volume, non-chill filtered.


Hibernation Gin

The botanicals foraged for Hibernation Gin are influenced by the wild fruit harvest, and include wild crab apples, blackberries and bilberries.

The botanicals are combined with carefully selected classic, and other locally-foraged botanicals, and precision-distil with a combination of Dyfi’s own pure spring water and grain spirit, before resting in a rare White Port cask.


Welsh Dry Gin

The gin is based on the London Dry style but Aber Falls call it a “Welsh Dry Gin”. It is made using Welsh water from the mountains around Aber Falls. Botanicals used are very traditional, providing a traditional juniper forward gin, with a layered citrus edge and a slightly spicy and sweet backbone.

A burst of fresh citrus flavour, finely balanced with notes of juniper, liquorice, angelica and coriander seeds.


Orange and Marmalade Gin

The use of citrus flavours in this gin were found to work perfectly with the piney juniper, providing the perfect combination when mixed with your favourite tonic.

A refined balance of sweet and bitter orange flavours, with the pine flavour of juniper: a citrus hit with warming aftertaste, guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds!


Rhubarb and Ginger Gin

Inspired by the warming, homely flavours of rhubarb & ginger crumble, a classic taste that brings back fond memories of Sunday dinners and family gatherings.

With subtle spices and tart rhubarb, perfectly balanced by distinctive piney juniper notes, leaving a warming sensation and complemented by a taste of ginger to finish.


Merywen Gin

Merywen is the welsh word for juniper berries, the principle flavour of gin which can be found growing wild in protected areas of North Wales. Botanicals including eithin (gorse) and grug (heather) are hand-picked from the blossoming hedgerows that surround the distillery, combined and distilled with pure grain spirit and local unfiltered water from the foothills of the Welsh mountains. Nothing is used that cannot be found locally.


Celtic Wines Sloe Gin

A true delight for gin lovers. Winner of the coveted “3 Gold Stars” in the Great Taste Awards, Celteg Sloe Gin has been ranked amongst the top 73 products produced in the UK and the top Sloe Gin in the UK! It has also won a Welsh True Taste Award.

The secret recipe used to produce this delicious, award winning Sloe Gin has been passed down through their family for generations producing a truly magnificent drink full of flavour and texture.

Vegan and Vegetarian friendly, Gluten free.


Cygnet Gin

Cygnet Gin is produced in Swansea, with a recipe inspired in part by the attempt to cure cholera by two local folks in the mid-1800s. Master distiller Dai Wakely uses a selection of botanicals from all over the world (which is rather apt, considering Swansea’s history as a port for incoming good from across the globe), including juniper, lemon peel, lime peel, pink grapefruit peel, orange peel, liquorice root, orris root, coriander seed, angelica root, cardamom seed, almond and chamomile.

Foragers Yellow Label

Starting with soft juniper tones, Foragers Yellow Label gently takes you to fresh, semi-sweetness of apple and elderberry, before giving way to incredible, subtle, unmistakable floral notes from gorse and heather flowers. This truly is an authentic expression of Snowdonia. 44% ABV


Foragers Black Label

Forager’s Black Label delivers intense, smooth juniper notes followed by beautifully mellow warmth and richness stemming from Sea Buckthorn. Use to create a crisp, elegant G&T, beautifully smooth cocktail, or epic gin martini. 46% ABV


 Jin Talog

Distinctive, Clean, Heady and Organic
Juniper-y Jin Talog is the product of a lot of time, fun and experimentation. This signature gin gives a great juniper ‘hit’ whether taken neat, with tonic or in a classic cocktail.


Morgans Dry Gin

Earl Grey Gin

Cherry Rhubarb Gin


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