At Wally’s Spirits from Wales, we stock the following fine liqueurs:


Merlyn Cream Liqueur

Merlyn is a magical creation of the purest spirit and the finest cream from the land of legends.

Nose: Rich, warming creamy texture and fudge toffee is overlaid with the tingling aroma of fresh clean spirit. Vanilla, hints of banana and exotic fruits – and even rose petals – all linger gently in the background.

Palate: In the mouth the fruits are more intense and intermingle with the vanilla.

Finish: The combination of fresh cream and complex spirit produces a mysterious depth which is difficult to describe but encourages the next mouthful.


Da Mhile Orange Liqueur

‘Orange 33’ is an organic, orange liqueur that won a True Taste Award for its first batch!

A smooth and easily drinkable liqueur with a Orange citrus palette and subtle lasting undertones of rich coffee beans. This liqueur is a real winter-warmer and can be mixed with coffee as a dessert drink, or even served alongside dark chocolate.



Toffoc was inspired by the homemade toffee vodkas popular on the Alpine ski slopes. It is 27.5% abv toffee flavoured triple distilled UK grain vodka, expertly blended with specially selected, quality toffees.


Aber Falls Coffee and Dark Chocolate Liqueur

Inspired by the popular Espresso Martini, this liqueur perfectly balances the roasted, aromatic coffee flavour with the bitter-sweet hints of dark chocolate.

A roasted coffee aroma to wake the senses, balanced with cocoa notes, creating deliciously rich flavours and a velvety, sweet finish.


Aber Falls Salted Toffee Liqueur

In collaboration with Halen Môn PDO, Aber Falls have developed a liqueur which combines a rich, smooth toffee flavour with the clean, intense notes of Anglesey Sea Salt, which has been praised by the likes of Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal and even Barack Obama for its unique taste.

Smooth and velvety palate with hints of burnt sugar. A joyous harmony of salt and toffee flavours to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Aber Falls Violet Gin Liqueur

Found growing in a distinctive purple blanket along the Menai Strait, the flavour of violet brings back memories of your favourite childhood sweets, with a unique floral taste and aroma to wake the senses.

A smooth and refined fragrance with a light, delicate taste, sweet violet notes and a perfumed finish to contrast the palate.


Black Mountain

The rich aromatic taste of this apple and blackcurrant brandy makes it an ideal choice for any occasion.

Drink it on its own, over ice, with tonic or spring water.


Danzy Jones

Danzy Jones was a journeying stonemason, born in the 1870s. He liked to mellow his whisky in the time-honoured fashion by adding herbs and rosehip syrup to his toddy. Today Danzy Jones’ whisky liqueur is still produced by his descendants. Malt whisky, herbs and rosehips are again used in the process, which involves time and patience to produce the remarkable taste of this very Welsh spirit.


Innkeepers Tipple

New and Improved recipe!
An aromatic whinberry whisky liqueur, with a distinctive colour and flavour in 50cl at 27.5% abv.


Celtic Poteen

Celtic Poteen is made by the Celtic Spirit Company of Anglesey. Made to an old family recipe dating from the end of the 19th century, this is a combination of spirit distilled from vegetables and grains.


Condessa Black Cherry Liqueur

A fully mystically Celtic flavour of ripe black cherries, with a hint of almonds. An intense marriage of strong favours and sweet cherry indulgence.

Family made Black Cherry liqueur from the druidic Isle of Angelsey


Condessa Apricot Liqueur

Welsh Blas Aur Golden Apricot liqueur from the mystical Isle of Anglesey. A combination of the juice of sun-ripened apricots and pure Celtic magic

Indulge pure on crushed ice, cocktail or or mix for the ultimate spritzer.


Condessa Limoncello

Zest of lemons steeped in a clear clarity spirit gives a refreshing taste of pure natural sunshine. Indulge in the sunshine serving straight from the freezer, splash in tonic or drizzle over a sorbet for a tantalizing dessert.


Condessa Original Welsh Cream

Magically made on the Isle of Anglesey, it creates an alchemy of chocolate, vanilla and caramel.


Condessa Praline Welsh Cream

A hearty Celtic flavour from the mystical Isle of Angelsey. Invoking a bouquet of sticky toffee and mocha, with a hint of chocolate

A quaffable liqueur made especially for those special log fire moments, complementing your steamy hot chocolate or pure selfish blissful moments.


Eccentric Violet Gin Liqueur

A smooth and refined fragrance with a light, delicate taste, inspired by the violet fields found along the Menai Strait.

Produced and bottled in Abergwyngregyn, using Welsh water filtered through the rock of the Snowdonia Mountains.


Cwm Deri Black Cherry Liqueur

This fabulous liqueur gives a great cherry-packed flavour with a hint of almond aftertaste.

ABV – 18%
vol – 50cl


Captain Martin’s Spiced Honey Rum Liqueur

Jamaican Dark Rum has been expertly combined with Welsh Honey (35%) to give this delicious smooth rum an amazing full-honey flavour.

Enjoy served simply over ice.   50cl 20% vol


Cwm Deri Coffee Cream

Enjoy the smooth taste of this cream liqueur laced with the delicious flavour of coffee. Presented in a beautiful brown ceramic crock. Enjoy on its own or served over ice.

ABV – 17%
Vol – 50cl


Cwm Deri Elderport

With a rich ruby colour and wonderful full-bodied elderberry flavour, this after-dinner drink is perfect accompaniment to cheese.

ABV – 17%
Vol – 50cl

Cwm Deri Wild Bramble Liqueur

Made with ripe and succulent Wild Brambles. The fruit is fermented and marinated in fine spirits to produce this exceptional, sweet & special Cwm Deri Liqueur. Try over ice cream or served as a ‘Kir Royale’ in a sparkling wine.

ABV – 17%
Vol – 50cl

Cwm Deri Meddeglyn Mead

A glorious mead made with pure Welsh honey and a special blend of spices. Drink after dinner or with rich fruit puddings, mince pies, welsh cakes, fruit cake etc. Serve chilled.

ABV- 14%
Vol – 50cl


Afon Mel Meads Range

Afon Mel (Honey River) mead is made in Wales from honey sourced from hives spread across the beautiful Ceredigion countryside. These small groups of hives give a beautifully blended honey from the depth and diversity of the wildflowers in the county.

Hand made, and matured in oak casks, Mead is a smooth honey wine that can be drunk in a variety of ways: before a meal, as an aperitif with ice or tonic water, or straight as you would drink a sherry. It is also extremely good as a dessert wine or as a liqueur after a meal.

Choose from Blackberry Mead, Ginger Mead, Heather Mead, Honey Mead and Raspberry Mead.


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